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International Hall 14.1: Best of the World's Hardware Accessories

In recent years, consumers' demand for furniture has gradually shifted from simply meeting storage needs to the pursuit of an exquisite living experience, in which furniture hardware could make a great difference. Furniture hardware accessories will become a key factor in the overall quality of furniture, but where will the trend be heading towards?

Catch the Latest Market Trends from our Exhibitors:

Advance Hardware
To keep up with the requirements of novel furniture designs, furniture accessories companies need to keep developing new products as well as work closely and grow together with furniture manufacturers to maximize the allocation of resources.
The furniture market will gravitate towards specialization, and attention will be paid to storage needs for small living spaces. Exquisitely renovated apartments and furniture with innovative designs, personality and practicality are expected to be favored by consumers.
Well-made hardware accessories can enhance the overall value of furniture and in turn provide better products for consumers. Custom furniture trends have driven production companies to Increase the flexibility of their products and services.
The trend in furniture customization has already gained traction, and the furniture industry must keep up with it, or face elimination. It is expected that more furniture manufacturers will be using dampers and soft-closing mechanisms in their drawer and track systems.
Nan Juen (Repon)
Homogenous products are constantly flooding the market, so it is important for companies to offer different designs and products that bring different value to the market or enhance the value of existing products.
Specifically for large door panels, 4 to 5 hinges are often used to support a door's opening and closing mechanism. But now, the same can be achieved with just two hinges.
Facing customization trends, the furniture production industry will adopt a mass customization production approach, which will allow manufacturers to meet consumers' needs and control production costs at the same time.
The household hardware industry is developing rapidly. China has a good number of such manufacturers, producing various types of hardware products which are sold worldwide with sales figures growing rapidly year by year. This is a great opportunity for the industry.
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